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Equipment Leasing Benefits

Have you asked yourself this question! "Equipment sales are my business, why would I need to offer equipment financing?" This is a common question we hear all the time. The reason is quite simple. Vendors offering equipment finance options sell more equipment. Financing or leasing options provide advantages even for customers that can afford to pay cash for their equipment. Tax relief, preservation of credit lines, better cash-flow management, and the ability to stay ahead of the technology curve are only some of the benefits.

In any economic time, it is imperative for equipment resellers and manufacturers to offer comprehensive and accessible equipment leasing as well as equipment financing options to their clients. When leasing or financing options are offered, 75% of customers will not seek a quote from a competing vendor. You become a "one-stop shop," and the customer feels comfortable dealing with a recommended and reputable equipment leasing company. Your customers want to finance their equipment; in fact, over 85% of US businesses lease all or part of their capital equipment. Find out from Cedra Capital what other vendors already know; the secret to selling capital equipment is the ability to offer competitive and customized equipment finance or leasing programs. Cedra Capital will assist you in setting up customized financing and leasing programs for your customers. Stay ahead of your competition by accessing the most customized finance programs in the industry.


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